Why Sill Fix?
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Why Sill Fix?

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Most doors today are built by a fabricator as a complete unit. The door unit may be a single door with side jams, header and sill or the door unit may have sidelights or fixed panels. Whatever the design, the builder frames an opening in the home for the door unit to be installed. After door installation the walls are closed in. There are many options here but most of them involve drywall, flooring, trim, paint and caulk on the interior and brick, stucco, or vinyl siding on the exterior. If an aluminum door sill is damaged after it is installed in the home the builder is left with a major task in replacing it. The aluminum door sill is attached to the jams and cannot be removed without removing all the wall covering. Pulling a door frame from a completed home is a frustrating, expensive, and inconvenient task.

What are the options:
Deliver the home with a damged sill. This is obviously poor customer relations.
Remove the door unit and replace the sill. Cost Estimates for a door with sidelights is $900 to $1200.
Cut out the existing sill with a sawz-all. Only possible on 3' doors. See below
Cover damaged sill with Sill Fix. The easy, quick and inexpensive solution

Why is a precut Sill Fix better than cutting out a 3' sill with a sawz-all?
-A precut Sill Fix can be installed in 3 minutes.
-Skilled labor is not required for installation.
-Sill Fix is not disruptive to the surrounding floor and trim, a sawz-all is.
-The homeowner doesn't have to be present.
-Electric is not required (sometimes work is done before electric is on).
-Only caulk gun and caulk is required.
-Less risk of injury to installer.
-Door seal and swing doesn't have to be checked or adjusted.
-Simply apply caulk bed, press-on new sill and caulk joint.

Sill Fix is the Easy, Quick, and Inexpensive Solution to door sill damage. A blank panel can be notched using basic carpentry skills (see How to Install) a pre-cut panel is even easier to install (see Products).

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